From our desire and wish to replicate the final tier of the UK’s 3-Tier System for the production of prime ‘grass’ fed lamb, we are establishing a small flock of Suffolk sheep to run alongside our Bluefaced Leicester and Mule sheep flocks.


The development of the Suffolk flock is to supply the best British x New Zealand type Suffolk terminal ram genetics for use on our ‘Muleflock’ line of commercial Clun & NCC Mules. While fulfilling those requests and needs from outside interests for this type of terminal sire.


The Suffolk flock will be selected on traits of feed efficiency and carcass quality in a grass based finishing system. Our foundation ewe base is derived from high indexing USA, and imported New Zealand genetics, laparoscopically bred with semen imported from the UK’s Suffolk Sire Reference Scheme.


To include such prestigious flock sires as:

 Stockton Supersire ‘95’, Fletchers Pride, Alloaks Lambrusco, Sinnett’s Firecracker

and Coleford. 


Our same high standard of health requirements will be followed for the Suffolk flock.

 SFCP enrolled, OPP test Negative, and Codon genotyping of RR or QR.


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