Muleflock and Beechtree Farm is diversifying the use of our land, our facilities, and our Bluefaced Leicester genetics through the use of our Bluefaced Leicester rams on several well known British breeds of hardy ‘hill and upland’ type ewes. These hardy ewe breeds are know for their ability to produce lamb & wool with minimal or no grain input.

When crossed with a Bluefaced Leicester tup you get the UK’s famous Mule sheep. Half of all the UK’s crossbred ewes are mules, used for the production of prime lamb.

 Our resulting Mule ewes will then be bred to a terminal sire breed such as the British Suffolk for the prime lamb market on a grass based system.


The new flock additions and the commercial marketing scheme are under the direction and watchful eye of Mark Lelli, DVM.



The Bluefaced Leicester Influence


Conformation:      The Blueface increases the length of body, which enables the mule ewe to carry multiple births, and wether lambs to be finished to a wide range of carcass weights.


Vigor:     The crossbred mule lambs are vigorous at birth and well protected to withstand harsh conditions.


Lambing Percentage:     It is not uncommon for Mule flocks to produce lamb crops exceeding 200%.


Easy care management:         The Mule ewe’s mothering ability and milkiness from day one through finished stage ensures an efficient grass to meat conversion.


Wool:        The fineness and quality traits of the Bluefaced Leicester’s wool are passed on to its progeny, increasing the value of the wool clip.



The prolificacy, milkiness, and conformation passed on to the Mule ewe

from the Bluefaced Leicester makes her the perfect prime lamb producer,

when put to any terminal sire.


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